Tuesday, February 17, 2015


it’s probably some sort of natural reflex.
everything he does right now is
a natural reflex.
survival mode.
so it’s probably just that.
something to keep the pterodactyls
from eating his thumb.
this way ensuring evolution.

my mom once told me
that ever since i was
a wee little one
i would tuck my thumb into my fist to sleep.
and as i grew older
she could always tell when i was tired,
even before the tell tale signs,
because i would tuck that thumb.
i actually still do it when i sleep.
and on those nights when i can’t sleep,
i make a conscious effort
to make the fist,
tuck my thumb
and wander off into sleep
thinking about my mom.

after reading shane a story about his belly button
i looked down at my son

as he was fighting off the
wooly mammoths
i smiled.
knowing a little bit of my mom
came into the moment with us.

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